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Nested object

While kysely is not an ORM and it doesn't have the concept of relations, we do provide helpers for fetching nested objects and arrays in a single query. In this example we use the jsonObjectFrom helper to fetch person's favorite pet along with the person's id.

Please keep in mind that the helpers under the kysely/helpers folder, including jsonObjectFrom, are not guaranteed to work with third-party dialects. In order for them to work, the dialect must automatically parse the json data type into JavaScript JSON values like objects and arrays. Some dialects might simply return the data as a JSON string. In these cases you can use the built in ParseJSONResultsPlugin to parse the results.

More examples

The API documentation is packed with examples. The API docs are hosted here, but you can access the same documentation by hovering over functions/methods/classes in your IDE. The examples are always just one hover away!

For example, check out these sections: